Hydraulic Hose Kits

UMi Solutions currently manufactures hydraulic hose kits for OEMs across Canada in the following sectors:


We Know Quality

We are one of the largest RYCO hydraulics suppliers in North America. All our hose kits are custom made with RYCO’s vast selection of crimp fittings and hose. All our hoses are quality checked to ensure ends are always fully inserted, hoses are the correct length, and have the proper crimp fittings.

Our Process


Custom In-House Hose Kitting Software

  • Hose data entry and kit production is controlled by custom hydraulic hose kitting software, internally developed
  • Maintains consistency of hose length, end configurations, part numbers
  • Controls all customer data in secure SQL server database

Automated Marken 550 Hose Saws

  • Up to 750 hoses per hour
  • Length accuracy: 0.1 to 0.3%
  • Customer information prints directly on the hose
  • Insertion depths printed as the hose is being cut
  • Data is input directly from Hose Kit software
  • Up to -20 hose size


  • All hoses are double cleaned with a foam projectile (one each direction)
  • A light curtain on the receptacle verifies all foam projectiles exit the hoses
  • ISO 13/10 cleanliness achieved

Pusher Table

  • All hose crimp fittings are pushed on with a pneumatic cylinder
  • Ensures ends are fully inserted


  • Finn-Power FP120 crimpers
  • Crimps up to 2” hoses
  • Up to 2400 crimps per hour


  • All hoses are capped with plastic caps or heat-shirnk Clean Seal caps to keep hoses clean during transportation and installation

Spiral Wrap, Nylon Sleeve Installation, as required

  • All spiral wrap is secured using abrasion-resistant, adhesive-lined polyolefin heat shrink (-55°C to 110°C, -67°F to 230°F)
  • Nylon sleeve is secured using steel banded clamps, crimped to the crimp shell to eliminate exposed hose

Quality Control

  • All hoses are quality checked before leaving the factory
  • Hose configuration, crimp diameter, crimp fittings are fully inserted, and more
  • Hoses are marked with a coloured line on each crimp shell corresponding to the assembler who checked the hose
  • Hoses are checked against build sheets produced by the custom hose kit software

Pressure Testing, as requested

  • All hoses can be pressure tested in our hydrostatic pressure test bench
  • Test pressures up to 37,000 psi

Packaging and Shipping

  • Custom mobile hose kit racks designed based on customers’ requirements